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  • Yele Make

    Guangzhou YELE new Mstar Technology Ltd

    Guangdong YELE new material manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, and its factory is located in the new Fengxian County of Shaoguan, a bright pearl in the north of Guangdong Province. The company is committed to the production and manufacture of fine chemical products with a total investment of about 65000000 yuan. It has a modern office building, research and development center, employee dormitory building, curing agent workshop, adhesive workshop, ink workshop, resin workshop, 1 pieces of resin workshop, 3 types of warehouse in class A, 1 types of B and C warehouse each. To 35000 tons, of which the polyurethane curing agent is 20000 tons / year, the polyurethane adhesive is 4500 tons per year, the ink is 4500 tons / year, the water resin is 6000 tons / year, and the total output value is more than 1 billion yuan after the full production. And in 2017, we won the honor of the national high-tech enterprises.

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