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  • Technological Achievements

    Technological achievements

    In recent years, enterprises have made remarkable achievements in technology. After 4 years' development, 6 patents for invention and 1 patents for utility models have been obtained. The company's ability to transform scientific and technological achievements is strong. In 2013, the total transformation of the company's achievements in -2015 amounted to 15 items, with an annual average of over 5.

    Independent research and development products are well reflected in the market and have created great economic benefits for enterprises, such as YL-MU3855 floor curing agent, YL-350TL fast drying light trimer curing agent, aldehyde free YL-95D/95B light slab bridge agent, YL-3017B release agent, YL-102 formaldehyde reducing agent and other industry leading products.

    Enterprises attach importance to scientific and technological innovation. Since 2018, YELE has been working with the leading national research team of graphene. The research on grafting of polyurethane is being carried out in the direction of TPU modified materials and aerospace, high speed iron, and high strength sealed new materials for military industry.