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  • Development Strategy

    Development strategy

    With the deepening of the reform of the economy and science and technology system, enterprises have been given the main position of the innovation system of science and technology, and bear the glorious and arduous mission to promote the innovation of science and technology in the industry and the progress of science and technology.

    The strategic adjustment of industrial structure is to withdraw from industries that do not meet the requirements of national policies and are not suitable for market development. Further highlight the main business of polyurethane, increase productivity, yield and market competitiveness.

    Product structure optimization transformation and upgrading, market oriented to increase production and variety, change the single product model, improve the overall profit level of the enterprise and the ability to resist risk.

    In the environment of further and more vigorous reform and opening up system, the investment in technological innovation and the treatment of technical innovation personnel are increased, and the technological innovation work of the enterprise has been steadily and steadily developed.