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  • Talent Concept

    In the final analysis, the competition of enterprises is the competition of talents. YELE to achieve sustainable development in a competitive market, an excellent and stable team of all kinds of talents is the first element; the difference of YELE brand, the core competitiveness behind the talent team. YELE always adhere to the talent as an important resource for the development of enterprises, attach great importance to the convergence and cultivation of outstanding talents, especially in the construction of talent team, to invest and continue to invest.

    Talent concept (talent view): appoint people to be virtues, morality is the highest.

    The company adheres to the principle of "appointing people with merit and virtue first". Since its founding, the company has put the job of talent in the center of gravity and tries to provide a good opportunity for the talents to develop themselves and develop their career. Encourage talents to realize their value in competition, make the greatest contribution to the enterprise and create greater value for the society.

    Appoint people and Morality: use good talents and make every effort to make the greatest potential for each employee; performance is the greatest dignity of sales staff; constantly excavate talents, cultivate talents, reserve staff and talents for the future development; staff promotion, health and safety and policies are fair and fair.

    Guiding ideology

    YELE has always insisted that virtue and talent are important criteria for reusing talents, and it follows the following four guiding principles:

    There are virtues and talents to promote reuse.

    There is no talent and cultivation.

    There is no virtue and limited use.

    There is no virtue without virtue.

    The principle of the construction of the talent team

           YELE has always insisted on the fundamental principle of building a talent team by sticking to talents with business, creating talents with practice, stimulating talents with mechanism, using the market to test talents, and trying to gather outstanding talents in all kinds of careers to promote the development of our cause.

    Talent management

    Incentive mechanism is a human resource management system with the core content of motivating constraints, stimulating employees' potential and dynamic competition. The YELE talent management begins with four aspects of selecting, employing, educating and keeping people. Through various training and establishment of incentive, constraint and competition mechanisms, such as competition on post and optimization of combination, the personnel are mobilized. Polarity, to carry out reasonable competition within the enterprise, to stimulate the potential of employees, to maximize personal ability, to enhance staff dedication and dedication, to enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, and to promote the continuous development of the enterprise.