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  • Yele Culture

    Mission:use chemistry to make the world a better place.

    YELE will be based on the "transformation and upgrading" of China based on chemical power mining, taking change as an opportunity, seeing the future as a challenge, looking at science and technology as the lifeblood, looking at innovation as the cornerstone, taking the customer and the market as the starting point, creating excellent quality with the craftsman spirit, integrating the industry resources and industry interaction, and constantly creating the power of chemistry. A better life.

    Technology level: the country leads, has the independent national patent.

    Management level: leading in the industry, becoming the best employer in the industry.

    Corporate culture: the external radiation of excellent culture has a positive impact on the whole industry.


    In the course of more than ten years of wind and rain, YELE conforms to the trend of the times and the trend of history, seeks and changes actively, seize the opportunity, and continue to transform, the enterprise always keeps the vitality, and has established good reputation and praise. In the new historical period, YELE is the ideal blueprint for "becoming the leading brand of China's green chemical integrated solution".

    1) green chemicals (integration) solutions:

    YELE promotes the development and production of green chemicals in an all-round way, seeks the green development in the chemical industry, aims to make life better with chemical forces. YELE is guided by science and technology, focuses on R & D, and constantly innovating, based on high cost performance, innovative products, high-tech and customizing services to provide customers with high quality products and products. The practical solution; YELE uphold excellent product and service concept, create industry chain alliance, play its own influence, contribute to environmental protection, not only to create outstanding value for shareholders and customers, but also to create a satisfactory value for society and environment.


    2) China's leading brands:

    With China's leading brand as a vision, YELE is required to become one of the most competitive brands in China, in order to improve its core competitiveness, with management innovation and technological innovation as the motive force, enterprise culture construction, construction of learning organization as the guarantee, economic benefits as the center, and scientific development as the main line, free and open. Business success is won in the economic system. The enterprises under YELE should establish the leading position in the industry, vigorously implement the service innovation strategy, technology progress strategy, cultural construction strategy, human resource development strategy, and have the top level of talent team, management level, operation efficiency, enterprise culture and product brand, build the core competitiveness and realize the sustainable development gradually. Go out of the country and look out for the world.

    (core) values

    People-oriented is the purpose of YELE value creation, the integrity of the foundation is the foundation of YELE foundation, professional focus is the support of the development of YELE, cooperation and win-win is the motive force for the YELE to meet the challenge. All YELE's management and management follow the basic standpoint of the core values, around the "people-oriented, honesty, professional focus, cooperation." "Win-win" for resource allocation and value creation.

    1) people-oriented:
    With human needs and development as the center, talent is the biggest wealth of the enterprise. It loves and treats employees from life, emotion and growth, and builds the platform of value realization for employees and shares the achievements of development.

    Comply with and meet the reasonable needs of human nature, advocate a positive, green and healthy lifestyle, and provide customers with quality products and services.

    We should be grateful and humble, emphasizing balanced and sustainable development, pursuing win-win cooperation and harmonious co-existence of man and nature and society.

    2) the integrity of the right path:

    Loyal and patriotic, advocating fairness and justice, respecting laws and discipline, respecting the system and sticking to the bottom line of law and morality.

    Abide by the spirit of commercial ethics and contract, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of stakeholders, abide by commitments, and integrate knowledge with practice.

    Advocating sincere and frank interpersonal communication, building a simple and transparent management atmosphere.

    (core) values

    3) professional focus:

    Scientific and technological guidance, Seiko manufacturing, sincere service, YELE adhere to customer centered, set up high quality service concept, to provide customers with high quality, professional products and services.
    Customer satisfaction is the development of the enterprise, YELE pays attention to listening to the customer's voice, to meet customer needs, wholeheartedly for customer service, sincere cooperation to achieve a win-win situation.
    Focus on thinking, stick to the line, YELE emphasizes executive power, encourages creative thinking, persists in continuous learning, wholeheartedly invested in enterprise value creation, and realizes continuous innovation ahead of development.

    4) cooperation and win-win results:

    We should vigorously cultivate cooperative soil, improve cooperation mechanism, complement each other's advantages, create an atmosphere of openness and inclusiveness, and continue to achieve resource sharing.
    Cooperation and win win is the choice of the times. YELE insists on open innovation strategy and constantly seeks win-win cooperation among business models, technologies, management, products and services.
    Cohesion, CO creation and sharing, YELE pursuit of the common growth of enterprises and employees, and adhere to high standards, high-tech, high quality products with more and more friends from home and abroad, and seek prosperity, conspiracy development.

    business philosophy

    Adapting to the new normal economic situation, YELE needs to actively change its way of development and achieve connotative growth. To this end, YELE requires the business center to make efforts to achieve "quality first, customer first, honesty and common growth" through innovative drive, structural optimization, process reengineering, promotion of product and service quality, improvement of efficiency and efficiency.

    1) quality first, customer first:

    All customer oriented, product strategy, adapt to the market, meet the market, create the market. YELE insists on winning the quality, based on the essence, improving the quality of the product, serving the customer sincerely, constantly excavating the customer's potential demand, constantly developing the new customer group, making the customers satisfied, making the customers moved, constantly improving the technical service function, through technical guidance, technical cooperation, and improving the trustworthiness of the customers. Create win-win, common development, create higher value for customers.

    2) honesty and mutual growth:
    Everything begins with honesty, and no one can believe in sincerity. YELE insists on the practical spirit of down-to-earth, not seeking shortcuts, steadfast innovation, steadily improving the strength of the enterprise in the market competition, winning the value with the quality, foothold in the market with good faith, adhering to the good faith spirit, adhering to the principle of good faith, promoting the soft strength of the enterprise culture, Shu Liliang's good enterprise brand image and the market word of mouth, To build a good faith enterprise and to grow up hand in hand.

    the spirit of enterprise

    1) be enterprising, and unity and innovation is a work attitude. It embodies the concern of teamwork, teamwork and pragmatism. It asks us to:

    Join the team, be willing to share, trust each other, share weal and woe.
    Rigorous and meticulous, strive for excellence, cooperate and complement each other, win win cooperation.
    The courage to open up, realistic and hard work, strive for excellence, and strive for excellence.

    2) conscientiousness and dedication, sincere gratitude is a spiritual realm, which embodies the concern for love, responsibility and responsibility. It asks us to:
    Inherit the culture, remember the mission, fulfill our duties, and work hard.
    Set an example, be strict with yourself, treat others sincerely, and trust yourself.
    Don't forget your heart, walk ahead, fear, and be thankful.

    6, the way of action: good reputation, quality service, efficient management based on the community; with a wide range of rivers and lakes, a thick accumulation of attitude to show their peers.
    7, also the music people's moral outlook: integrity and integrity.
    Make good use of diligence and make up for stupidity, treat others with sincerity, do things honestly, abide by promises, and concentrate on services.
    8, YELE style: unity and tension and liveliness
    Unity: a like-minded team spirit
    Tension: a strong and efficient style
    Seriousness: a conscientious attitude
    Vivacity: a harmonious atmosphere of vigor and sunshine

    enterprise logo

    The origin of "YELE": benevolent Leshan
    The two word "YELE" comes from the Analects of Confucius - Yongyi - "benevolence of benevolence," which symbolizes the extraordinary qualities of benevolence, wisdom and courage, and the annotation of YELE's pursuit of "excellent quality" values and the spirit of "advocating craftsmen and innovating".
    YELE is a famous polyurethane chemical enterprise and brand in Southern China. It was founded in 2003 by Mr. Yu Bin. Along the way, the YELE brand has withstood the market's ebb and becomes the evergreen tree of the polyurethane industry, which is highly trusted and recognized by the enterprise. Proud achievements come from YELE's consistent technological innovation and innovative ideas. YELE is striving for green development in the chemical industry with a firm pace, and is committed to becoming the leading brand of China's green chemical integration solution.

    The symbol of music: green innovation and the future

    The logo contains the beautiful meaning of "green innovation and the future", and the design idea of the logo is derived from the hexagonal deduction in plane geometry. The hexagon represents the molecular structure of the benzene ring in chemistry, which inspires the music symbol and highlights the relevance of music to the chemical industry. On the basis of the combination of the company's first pinyin letter Y, embodies the specific attributes of enterprises. The classic blue symbol of the music symbol symbolizes "eternal, open, broad and far-reaching", and the meaning of the symbol is the great mind, the spirit of never giving up, and creating a harmonious world. Green represents environmental protection, youth and vitality, it symbolizes a kind of vitality, a natural and harmonious atmosphere, Yu Yue chemistry as a new force, continuous in the field of polyurethane, the field of paint flourishing, full of vitality, full of hope, but also symbolizes the persistent pursuit of green environmental protection. The corporate logo of Yi Le carries the intangible assets of enterprises, and is the medium for the comprehensive information transmission of enterprises.