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  • Yele Brand

    Brand Concept

    More than 10 years ago, the YELE people who were dreaming of dreams opened the journey of the YELE career, adhering to the true idea of "making the world better with the power of Chemistry", keeping the tide in different stages of development, and pursuing the supreme ideal of "human based" by the time changing creative thinking and leadership, through infinite circulation. The development of evolution, unremitting creation, unremitting life. Thus, in the process of development, the YELE people finally identified the brand positioning of YELE, the green chemical (integrated) solution service provider, a green chemical service system built by YELE CHEMICAL group, which highly condensed the core value of "leadership, green innovation, pursuit of excellence and the future", and in its base On the basis of evolution, evolution continues with the development of the times.

    Brand Positioning

    YELE is committed to the production and manufacturing research of polyurethane synthetic materials and the development and promotion of the leading green chemical integrated solution in China. In the process of "transformation and upgrading" in China, music will continue to integrate the industry resources and industry interaction with the customers and the market as a starting point. Life.

    Core Value Of Brand

    Leadership: YELE means pursuing the lead in every business area.

    Green Innovation: It means YELE is pursuing green innovation in the chemical industry.

    Pursuit of excellence:It means a high level of self demand, and also is highly responsible for customers, employees, shareholders, and society, and is good at creating more value for customers from multi angle and multi dimension.

    Happy to see the future:YELE's actions and operations are guided by value, adhere to the strategy of independent innovation and value maximization. In the premise of respecting the law of the market and the spirit of contract, we should pursue steady forward and move towards the future.